zespół terapeutyczny
Hanna Lisowska i Sabina Grzymowicz

Zespół Terapeutyczny (The Therapeutic Team) was established to help people with different psychological problems.  We are certified psychotherapists and we work according to the psychoanalytical method that has been developed by generations of psychoanalysts, including the contemporary ones.

This knowledge is not only  our tool but also our passion. Each of us chose this path convinced that it gives coherent, profound and practical understanding of human psychological problems. We take care of the quality of our work by taking part in additional courses, supervisions and our own therapies. We are members of professional associations that set standards of working with the psychoanalytic method.

When we are contacted by a person seeking help we invite them to a series of preliminary meetings called consultations. The aim of this meetings  is to get to know each other and to determine the problem as well as the necessary means to solve it. Each of us works with individual patients, we run group therapy, couple therapy. If needed we cooperate with physicians. Our main goal is to provide a person with knowledge of further  possible ways of help. We know that the decision to start therapy is a difficult one. That is why we encourage undecided patients to come to us as well. Consultation meetings are meant to help those who want to know what kind of professional aid would be best for them. Our chief rule is to advise such method of psychotherapeutic work that would fit best the person’s needs.