zespół terapeutyczny
Hanna Lisowska i Sabina Grzymowicz

We work with persons who:

-suffer from different symptoms such as anxiety, sadness, depression, sudden mood changes, difficult and intense emotions, persistent thoughts, compulsions, phobias, insomnia, stress, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating), pain symptoms of unknown source, psychosomatic disorders;
-are in a difficult life situation (death of somebody important to them, divorce, relationship breakdown, difficulties at work, adolescent crisis, middle age crisis, a disease)
-have difficulties in relationships with other people (cannot maintain stable relationships, cannot find a partner), are in a conflict or tense relationships with people important to them (parents, partners, children, friends, colleagues, bosses, employees), would like their relationships to work better
-have low self-esteem, are timid, too often dependent on opinions and decisions of other people and in consequence unhappy about their behavior
-experience  lack of life satisfaction
-would like to understand themselves better.

The types of psychotherapeutic help that we offer:

Individual consultations- these preliminary meetings proceed any therapeutic help. Their aim is to identify the patient’s problems and decide on the most appropriate form of help. The patient has a possibility to get to know the therapist’s working style . On the basis of  these meetings both sides decide whether they want to cooperate. Approximately there are 3 consultations, each of them lasts 50 minutes.

Couple consultations – during these meeting the couple and the therapist get the chance to get to know each other, work together on identifying the problems and decide on the terms  of therapy. In some cases consultations can constitute a form of mediation and offer the terms enabling the couple in conflict to function better together. Each couple consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Individual short term therapy – it is a series of meetings that take place once a week for 50 minutes and run within a defined time scale (e.g. three months). This type of therapy is suitable for such situations as a sudden crisis (divorce, relationship breakdown, sudden death of somebody important, any loss that one can have difficulty dealing with, a disease), symptoms that appeared recently and make functioning unsatisfactory (e.g. anxiety, lowered mood, insomnia, physical disorders difficult to understand), sudden change of life situation, necessity to make a difficult decision).

Individual long term therapy – meetings that take place two or three times a week and last for 50 minutes each.  This form of therapy is suitable for patients who have been experiencing problems for a long time. The aim is to obtain a deeper understanding of sources that cause patient’s suffering. The duration of a long term therapy is not specified at the beginning of the therapeutic process.       

Couple therapy – is suitable for couples facing difficulties. Its aim is to understand and improve their relations. According to the concept that underlies this form of therapy two people create an entirety the type of which depends on their previous experiences. These experiences from other relationships as well as the past of this specific couple strongly affect them. The therapy helps to better understand existing interdependencies and enables the introduction of changes aimed at improving the relationship. This form of therapy is advised to couples experiencing relationship difficulties (communicational, emotional and other), couples in separation or undergoing divorce as well as to couples facing some type of crisis (e.g. caused by a disease, unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, a difficult decision to be made). This form of therapy facilitates mutual understanding and better functioning. It can also be helpful to parents experiencing problems in child raising.

We also work in English.
If needed, we suggest psychiatric consultations. We believe that drug therapy can constitute a good and sometimes necessary complement of psychotherapy.
All forms of psychotherapy offered by us are paid.